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how to brew tea with yixing clay teapot

how to brew tea with yixing clay teapot

Tea lovers have sung the praises of the Yixing teapot for centuries. The teapot gets its name from the Chinese region where exclusive purple sand clay is harvested. This clay is ideal for crafting teapots as its porous quality allows the vessel to absorb the flavors of the teas brewed within, "seasoning" the teapot over time. To experience "Gong-Fu Cha" (the art of tea)" yourself, just follow these steps
Things You'll Need

Vessel for boiling water (glass is preferred, but not necessary)
Loose tea of preference
Yixing teapot
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  1. Brewing a Pot of Tea

  2. 1

Fill the empty teapot with boiling water. Allow the water to sit for about half a minute and pour out. This serves to heat the teapot as well as remove any dust.

  • 2

Add loose tea to the teapot. The amount is a matter of preference. The general range is one to three teaspoons, three being the amount for those who enjoy a stronger cup of tea.

  • 3

  • Rinse the tea leaves by filling the pot with boiling water for a second time. Swirl the water around in the teapot and pour out quickly.

  • 4

Brew the tea by filling the pot with boiling water for a third time. Allow the leaves to steep for about 60 seconds.

  • 5

Pour boiling water over the closed teapot while the tea is brewing. This step is not entirely necessary, but it does help to open the pores of the teapot, allowing the essence of the tea to be absorbed.

  • 6

Serve the tea. The leaves in the teapot will likely last through about three pots. Simply refill the pot with boiling water and serve again.

  1. Cleaning the Yixing Teapot After Use

  2. 7

Remove any tea leaves remaining in the pot.

  • 8

Rinse the teapot with hot water. You may also wipe it out using a soft cloth.

  • 9

Allow the teapot to dry thoroughly with the lid off.

Tips & Warnings

As Yixing teapots absorb the flavors and aromas of the teas brewed within, many users own one teapot for each tea they brew (oolong, black, green, etc.).

Soaps and detergents are not necessary or recommended for cleaning a Yixing teapot. The goal is to wind up with a "seasoned" teapot, and harsh cleaning agents will prevent this and may be absorbed into the teapot itself.

Eventually, you should begin to see stains in your teapot. Don't be alarmed! This is part of the beauty of the Yixing teapot.

Keep your Yixing teapot stored in a safe place that is free of dust or oils.

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